GREEK goddess wedding

photo by Christian van Elven

Wedding in Greece it is a unique opportunity to make it with non-standard scenario, in unusually beautiful nature. Prices of the organization of such event are accessible and they are entirely justified by the originality. Traditional customs which make Weddings in Greece even more colorful and are frequently use .

According tradition of this country, bride’s head is decorated by pouring gold threads which descend up to knees , and face is slightly closed by rose veil. Then, during wedding, if wedding in Greece is made with old canons , wreath made of beautiful artificial flowers, is put over bride’s head while traditional songs are playing.

Also, it is possible to realize wedding in Greece organization in ancient history style , dressing groom and bride in gala dresses of last ages. In this ceremony, if wedding is in Greece, the oath of love fidelity will be made only in verses, and also, in Homer’s style.

Why wedding in Greece is so attractive ? Of course, because of romantic atmosphere, soft climate and amazing azure sea. Weddings in Greece are made unusually solemn, because they are penetrated by sunlight and happy smiling newly-married couples and their guests.

If newly-married couples plan their weddings in Greece, prices will not be very expensive. What can be more remembered, than voice which says the words of love next to silent noise of accumulating wave, if wedding in Greece is made at snow-white yacht!

Wedding in Greece can be combined simultaneously with honeymoon – these will be unforgettable days, as they fill your new life with positive emotions. Wedding in Greece is the best holiday for two.

Prices to the organization of wedding in Greece

Wedding in Greece on reasonable price is quite real today. In fact, wedding in Greece prices are not very high, if you analyze comfort and service level , as well as presence of national abundance of dishes with an amazing traditional music.

Hide Camera in Bride bouquet


photo by Emergency Brake

Latest modern technology can create magic and now the bride can compete with famous Martin Scorsese, because new way of filming has been invented that is not available to even the most talented directors and allowing each bride to create own wedding film without mastering the basics of directorial skill.

A new method invented by a couple from San Diego, that has decided to hide a tiny GoPro camera in the bride’s bouquet. The camera shoot a wedding day and later video was posted on Youtube.

Wedding Video has gained about 200 000 views, suggesting that many newlyweds are willing to learn a new technique of shooting a wedding video.

Paris “City of Love”


photo by Christian Scheja

Europe.. France..Paris and its surroundings. Wonderful place for wedding ceremony. The best time – spring or summer. Of course, the main focus of the event should be a wedding dress, that can be ordered from the leading fashion designers of the city. In France  is not traditional to have wedding party until the morning in the restaurant, but have only couple hours wedding dinner. If you would like to marry in city of lovers, don’t resist the temptation to light the sacrament of marriage in one of the historic ,vibrant place : Norte-Dame de Paris. Imagine how legendary walls, site of Napoleon and Josephine’s wedding will make your heart beat faster.Add a French feel to your wedding..

Starting with the price 900 EUR and stretches to 5,000 EUR, which is not the limit.